WOW! That’s my first reaction that came to mind just a few minutes ago

when I came across this new tool (Linux only) by a developer over at XDA by the name of drellisdee.. This just seems like some wonderful wizardry to me. To most people, this really wouldn’t seem very exciting, but just listen to what I have to say. This tool allows users to lower the Main Version of their phone,which will allow the user to flash older RUU’s. An RUU is pretty much the official factory software of your phone that modifies your system version and your HBoot version. HBoot is just want HTC calls their bootloaders, get it? H(tc)Boot(loader). They try to make the bootloader not seem so evil by giving it a nice little nickname.

More recent HBoot versions have been keeping users from flashing certain ROMs. This has led to the risky process of downgrading the HBoot version on user’s phones. Did I say how risky that was? Well anyways, my girlfriend has an Incredible 2 whose bootloader I’ve unlocked and rooted, and was tempted to downgrade the HBoot, but decided to be a good boy. The HBoot version on her phone is .98 when I need it to be .97 to be able to flash most of the ROMs she wants. Did I mention that I unlocked her bootloader at FYI in case you didn’t know, HTC now provides customers with a tool to unlock the bootloader on certain devices. But back to the HBoot – do youunderstand what’s going on here? If you can change the Main Version of your phone, an OLD RUU will flash correctly, which means an OLD HBoot (and lower). So now I can hopefully flash an old RUU and get flashing away. And you can too!!

      By all means, if this has been highly confusing to you, or you don’t have any experience flashing or modding your Android, do your reading before you attempt anything. To do this you need a emmc based & rooted HTC phone. Did I mention this was primarily tested on Incredible 2 and Rezound? Perfect right? Only if Motorola would decide to take the douche crown off of their bootloader CEO.

Well here’s the main article and source over at XDA, it will take you to the tool’s thread and download. So have fun kids!
HTC Misctoo